On Target

Representing Diversity in the Community

On Target

Representing Diversity in the Community

Employees often feel more comfortable and happier in inclusive environments. Montgomery County employees should reflect the citizens in the community they serve. They also tend to be more loyal and apt to stay longer at companies where their unique contributions are recognized and respected. 

Overall, workplace equity can increase confidence and encourage employees to achieve their best. Teams often have higher morale and are more productive, innovative and loyal to the organization. Increased cultural awareness ensures all employees feel accepted and valued. 

All data is compiled through Equal Employment Opportunity reporting. EEO data is self reported. Employees may not choose to report ethnicity. All Montgomery County citizen data is from the US Census Bureau 2020 report based on a total population of 531,988. 

In general discussions, the concept of gender is often confused with the concept of sex, and the terms are used interchangeably. However the meanings of these two concepts are not the same: sex is based on the biological attributes of men and women (chromosomes, anatomy, hormones), while gender is a social construction whereby a society or culture assigns certain tendencies or behaviors to the labels of masculine or feminine. 

All ages start at 18 years old.

*Diversity numbers are not available for 2019 and 2020.

Status Legend: On Target |  Caution | Needs Improvement | No Information

Status Legend: On Target |  Caution
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